Mrs. Hans Mast

Monday, October 03, 2005

A Mennonite love story

My dear hubbie, (dh) Hans, is beginning a series of blog posts about our courtship and marriage. I think y'all will find them very interesting. He will probably include, among other things, our first, very romantic, date (at Taco Bell), as well as the many other romantic things we've done, like go to NRA meetings together. He may also include how he proposed to me in haiku.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Honest-to-Goodness Amish Pants

Hans, I told you I didn't have time to do this, and I really didn't. This is why you didn't get any lunch today, this is why I failed to check e-mail and crashed your Linux mail server by overflowing the hard drive, this is why I failed to feed the Doberman (and why he ran off looking for food, which was unfortunately our neighbor's chihuahua), this is why I got a ticket on my way to the fabric store, and if there was anything else that went awry today...this was why.

But I thought I'd surprise you...just because you asked for Real Amish Pants. And here's proof that I'm a Real Amish Seamstress:

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Concerns about my husband

Recently, on my husband's blog, he posted about the mule he has been riding for the D.A.R.E. program. A very innocent post, if you ask me.

However, some very frisky, vulgar young lady named Marie Tard has been leaving provocative comments for my husband. Now Hans is a very handsome young man:

but I would like miss Marie Tard to know that he IS taken. As further proof (from our honeymoon):

Friday, August 05, 2005

Vacuums and moonshine talks

Hans and I finally got a transistor (as Hans calls them things). Individuals in Hicksville would rather call them solid state semiconductor devices. It is a Simplicity. Yes, the same company that makes horses and cows. It works great. I've already swept up all the rats and other small rodents that I could find in this house. But I'm sure there will be more to come. Aggggghhhhhhh!

Hans and I came home late (9:15pm). Who knows where we were any more or what we were shopping for (or whose credit card we were using)! JK. Hans in one of his rare moods actually consented to sitting out on our little slab of cement that we call a porsche, while I laid in the hammock that we got as a wedding gift. There we drank our club drinks with Hicksville flavoring and pretzels and talked about the things we held dear to our hearts. It really was a great time. Guys out there that have wives (and even those that don't) lend me your ears (or rather your eyes) for just a moment and let me tell you a thing that women love. We love a guy that can give undivided attention for a few moments and really listen to what we have to say. Yes, even in those times when we don't make that much sense! (That's when we have the excuse that we're just bein' a woman!)

It really was neat. The scorpions or bats were out that night as well as the werewolves. Man, they must have thought that I was made of somethin' sweet cause they sure took big bites outta me. I was not too impressed. So yes, I was the party pooper and told Hans that I had to go inside before he saw me eaten up right before my eyes. Oh well, guess that all romantic moments have to end sometime!

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Has it ever happened when the bills need to be paid, the feds come? This morning I had to go to the courthouse for one of those great "meetings" that we as phishers are entitled to be honored to attend! When I walked out at 8:15 there were already S.W.A.T. team paratroopers falling from the sky. I thought well if I hurry over to Mom and Dad's then maybe I can get the bills in the mail before the feds get really serious. No such luck. Sigh!! So out into the fray I went. I only got about 200 credit card #'s and SSN's. Just enough for fresh eatin'. Oh well, guess we'll go shopping tomorrow. Guess that I should not complain though, cause we really did need the flat screen TV, the hot tub, and the other stuff. Here in Hicksville when we don't get any credit card numbers for a week, then the bill goes sky high and the interest increases. I can't say that I'm ready for the cold prison cell though.

Hans made supper again tonight. To tell the truth, he cooks better than I could ever dream of cooking. So to keep both of us happy, he cooks, while I'm just content to sit back and observe him being the man in the kitchen.

Tonight we decided to be really wild and go out on the town at 9pm for DQ shakes. I guess that you could call it a mini date that only took 10 minutes. It really was tons of fun though. Well tomorrow is another big day.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Marriage thoughts

This marriage thing is harder than I ever thought that it would be. Guess that is what happens when you enter marriage with the best foot forward! Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy married life, I just have to learn how to think like a married individual instead of an independant single woman.
Now that I've joined the blog world, I hope that everyone that knows Hans will see that he never will have a dull moment and neither will I.